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Get UPVC BIFOLD Door Quote

To obtain a free no-obligation quote for this style door, enter the size of door that you need below, choose any options and click the GIVE ME A QUOTE button when ready.If You'd like a quote for more than one door you can build a multiple door quote just keep adding to the basket to see the individual prices and totals.

Min Size (wxh): 3700x1900mm
Max Size (wxh): 5500x2200mm

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To get a price for the above door to your chosen specification, click the button below.

Door Colours

Our doors come in three colours (unless otherwise specified). These are:

Plain White




A 20mm extension profile allows the doors width or height to be increased.This is very useful if there are deep plaster lines or a big difference between the outside brick height and the floor height on the inside.If your confused please read our UPVC door survey guidelines 

 It is good practice to have one on the hinge side of the door unless you are  sure of the internal plaster depth.

Type Of Glass

The style of the glass in our doors is called Minster shown below . Alternatively you can choose to replace the glass with a solid panel.

minster glass in upvc front door

External Drainage Cill

99% of doors require an external cill. The cill allows water from the door drainage cavities to flow away from the brick work not down it.

If you have a stone cill you do not require a cill and the door will be face drained.

The cill is included in the overall height of the door and the survey size.Ie If you measure the brickwork opening say it's 2200mm high we will actually make the door frame 2170mm high when the cill is added on (its 30mm) high it takes it back up to 2200mm over all.

Handle Colours

Opening your door is going to be a regular thing - so choose the style of handles that best suits the colour or surroundings of where the door will be placed.


Thumb Turn Barrels

Gold Pad Handles

Door Options