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Window Energy Ratings (WER) & Energy Rated Windows A-G

The EU energy label was introduced in 1995 and is designed to show consumers the energy efficiency of a product.  Each product has a performance rating A-G and this has been successfully applied to white goods (fridges,washing machines etc)

Window energy ratings labels
Inline with reducing the UK’s carbon foot print it has been decided that windows should adopt energy labelling so that the consumer can compare the energy efficiency of different windows easily.Previous to WER the glass sealed unit had an insulation value or U value which did not take into account the window frame, the energy rating label now applies to the whole window including glass.

From October 2010 all replacement windows must have a minimum of a C energy rating under revised building regulations. We will be offering an A or C rated window on the synerjy system and as standard a C rated window on our shield profile.

Each window will have a small sticker near the hinge containing a unique code which can be checked back to us, the manufacturer.

Synseal SynerJy A rated window

Synseal Shield C rated Window