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trade window prices

Welcome to the second thrilling installment of that rampant super hero U-fit man !.See part one if you missed it.U-fit man is the only super hero we know of in double glazing. If you buy in trade windows U-fit man can give you his super discount power.U-fit man is fighting for you, against high double glazing prices his arch enemies are Frauline Coldtitz and her sidekick Raywho.This evil duo want to extract maximum double glazing prices from his poor victims.U-fit man vows to defeat Raywho and there high window prices.

If your a trade window company suffering from Raywho prices call U-fit man today and test his tremendous window discount power!

Call 0800 389 0595 and ask for u-fit man

email u-fit man with your plea

Fax u-fit man for a window quote 02476 638779

Warning some of u-fit mans exploits may affect gentil persons

U-fit man will be back next week in our  third issue don't miss this thrilling fight against Frauline Coldtitz Raywho and high double glazing prices

double glazing prices