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Charities Supported by U-fit Double Glazing

We are delighted to be able to financially support these charities. Please check out their websites.
We part fund the school that takes kids away from the stinking rubbish tip where they live and have to sift through the rubbish to find food. It must be a terrible existence and we’re delighted that our UPVC windows are helping provide an education. Check out the website

Cambodia’s Children has been supporting The Centre for Children’s Happiness (CCH) since 2004. CCH has three fully accommodating children’s centres in Phnom Penh, Cambodia; CCH 1, CCH 2 and CCC (Cambodia’s Children Committee) named after our UK charity. Cambodia’s Children financially supports CCC by paying for the running of the centre and sponsoring all those children who don’t have individual sponsorship.

Charities support by Ufit Double Glazing

Daily life on the rubbish tip

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, children work as garbage pickers and scavenge through 100 acres of rubbish on Stung Mean Chey Municipal Waste Dump. They begin working on this toxic rubbish dump as soon as they can walk. It&rsquos their only choice if they want to survive. If they do not collect money by selling the rubbish they pick then they simply cannot eat.

Very few of the children can go to school and they are often forced into taking drugs, threatened by gangs and even raped on the dump. Some parents are forced to sell their children into prostitution to provide for the rest of the family.

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