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UPVC French Doors


We Manufacture French Doors to your sizes,though are size limitations.UPVC French doors have a maximum width of 1800mm and height of 2230m.When either of these sizes are exceeded you must use eithert a top box above the french doors see pic far left.The outerframe is made taller and a horizontal transom bar is welded in place so the French Doors retain there original height.If the width is over 1800mm(6ft) A French door sidelight is required either to on one side or both pic 2nd left.

upvc french doors with top box



upvc french doors with side lights

upvc french door double handles

french door shootbolts


French Door handles and Locks

There are two handle options for French doors and this applies to all UPVC French Doors.The most common and cheapest is the single handle option see pic 1st left above.The Door handle engages its locking bolts sideways into the meeting mullion(joint between the two door leaves) .It also throws a bolt out at the top of the door and bottom of the door.So you have 12 locking points.(some cheap French Doors have only 5 locking points as they use a lock designed for balcolny doors 3 stories high -yes they work but there security is appaling I know this because A 4 year old boy locked me out on a balcony I used a butter knife to break in)

The single french door handle operates the door leaf called the master leaf or master door.The other door leaf is called the slave door and this is opened by bending down and lifting a bolt, called a finger bolt and repeating at the top.See image above far right.Please visit our French Door image gallery.

Double French Door Handles

You can choose single or double french Door handles.With Double handles the top and bottom shootbolts in the slave door leaf are operated by the handle voila so need to bend down or reach up.French Doors also look better IMHO from an aesthetic viewpoint with double handles especially with Chrome or gold handles.The other feature with double French Door handles is that the slave door lock can be deadlocked with a door key- so you get two door keys -don't worry both keys master and slave are the same, (keyed alike).

You can chose to have your French Doors made opening in wards (into the house) or outward opening(into the garden) All our products are viewed outside this means looking at the house from the garden.

Other French Door Options

With Outward opening French doors the leafs can bang if the wind catches them a pair of open out restrictors that are fitted to the frame and the Door laeves restrict the degree of opening.French Doors are avialble in our full range of artisan colours