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DIY upvc windows collected or delivered?

Not only do we manufacture your DIY upvc windows we also deliver them more often than not using our own transport fleet.The charges for delivery are dependant on the road distance from Coventry and we use the delivery postcode and the frequency we are in that area with regular window deliveries to calculate online the window delivery cost.The laed time from placing your order is normally within 28 workings days although is often quicker,Deliveries to Scotland can take longer.

 For example if you live in the B postcode we charge £20 per delivery address which if you order 10 windows only £2 per window frame = great value.If you live in the PE post code we charge £75 per delivery address which may seem dear for only one frame and I guess it is really but again if you order more items it becomes cheaper. We have spent ages working out our transport costs (we spend over £120,000 a year on DERV alone)and realistically we have tried to pass on only the actual cost of delivery to our customers.

One thing we pride ourselves on is our window delivery drivers one of whom is an X copper they are very polite and nice guys have a read through some of the comments our customers have said about them on this site. one thing we do ask for on all window deliveries is for an able bodied person to be present at the delivery address to assist the driver in off loading,we appreciate that for some people that may not always be possible and if you contact us before hand at the time you order we can bring two hefty guys to unload.

We have to do this because some items are above the 40kg safe lift limit for one person. When we turn up depends on how how many window drops we have on and we can't give an exact time when we set off we are working on how to send a text to our customers when we are certain distance away but it's not ready yet.We say anytime between 8am and 10pm but its rare to beyond 6pm.A final thing a cup of tea or a cold drink (not beer!) is most appreciated and you might cadge a free fixing kit if you do so.

upvc window collection

One thing you might wish to consider is coming in your own car or van but please make sure measure the maximum size it can take first as upvc windows won't bend !.If you don't have a van you could hire one I just looked online at got a quote for £130 to hire a luton bodied van this will hold 40 window frames a smaller transit will hold 20 frames is about £90 fuel is of course extra you can collect from our Coventry factory Monday-Friday 8am-4.30pm closed for Lunch 1pm-1.30pm