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FairTrades UPVC Double Glazing Guarantee

10 year upvc window gurantees

UPVC Double Glazing Trade
U-Fit: Members of
FairTrades &

FairTrades is the largest multi-trade association in the UK. It has a large directory of quality ranked home improvement professionals. You can use its ‘Find a Contractor’ service to find vetted professionals in your area and see references provided by previous customers.

FairTrades also provides an efficient service that assists homeowners throughout the UK to
make a more informed choice of Trade Professional, this in turn attracts more business for FairTrades contractors.

The company merged with HomePro Ltd in 2000 to create the UK's largest provider of vetted professionals across multiple trades, via its internet and telephone based search directory.

Furthermore, we are the exclusive provider of Trade Professionals to blue chip organisations
such as British Gas and Britannia Building Society.

The Company is a member of the General Insurance Standards Council and provides an award-winning Insurance Backed Guarantee (IBG) scheme as an additional feature for its customers.

FairTrades contractors enhance their credibility to members of the public and potential customers through the use of the renowned "Scales of Justice" logo.

Becoming FairTrades Accredited allows us to provide you
with the Homepro Insurance backed Guarantee.
Becoming a FairTrades contractor

Becoming a member of the FairTrades is straightforward but it is only possible for the very best Trade Professionals. Rigorous screening means that Successful applicants must satisfy the following:

  • A clean Trading history
  • Good credit rating
  • Financial and legal checks
  • Verified customer references and homeowner ratings

What this means to a U-fit customer
Once you place your deposit with U-Fit, your money is covered by a FSA (Financial Services Authority) insurance backed policy. Within 5 days of placing your holding deposit you will be issued with an independent insurance certificate covering your deposit up to 25% of the contract value.

Our HomePro Policy backs the guarantee that U-Fit supplies to the customer after completing delivery. Our HomePro Plus policy also protects the deposit paid by you, the customer (for up to 25% of the conservatory price).

Elminate the Risk
Once you have taken delivery of your U-Fit window, simply return the tear-off section of your policy and your new window is fully insured by Homepro, an independent insurer, that matches the standard U-Fit 10yr guarantee.

What is an Insurance Backed Guarantee?
The HomePro Insurance Backed Guarantee (IBG) can provide U-Fit customers with peace of mind if the company should cease to trade. The policy will cover the costs for any remedial work, for material defects and faulty workmanship within the guarantee period.

We give this policy with all conservatories for peace of mind and protection to all our customers.

Buy Your New Window or Conservatory from U-Fit with Confidence and Peace of Mind

Our insurance backed guarantee makes us stand out from the crowd and allows us to address the issues that customers may have with giving deposits over the internet or phone, along with an IBG (insurance backed guarantee) for the life of the conservatory.

Assured Advice: Check us out with FairTrades by calling 0870 7384858

You can also visit the FairTrades and HomePro websites at FairTrades and HomePro Insurance

To speak with us directly please call our sales team on 02476 686682