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Like is nearly live and 10 years old!

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Monday July 19, 2010 at 2:33pm

Buying DIY upvc double glazed windows online is perhaps one of the more obscure products you can buy over the internet.Made to measure DIY upvc double glazed windows is even more esoteric.

we started selling DIY upvc windows on the internet 10 years ago on our orginal website (it looks pretty dated now!) back then we were the only company doing so. In that time we have sold many thousands of upvc windows all over the UK,europe and the world.

Ten years on we have launched our newest window website selling DIY upvc double glazing in that time there have been many changes in upvc windows.

The biggest change is in the range of colours now available and the change in glass technology.The window energy rating label comes into effect in October 1st 2010 which means you will be able to compare the energy efficency of one window directly with another window.

Buying upvc windows online with the latest options has never been easier

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