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woodgrain upvc windows what's best

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Saturday August 7, 2010 at 3:37pm

Around about 20 years ago upvc replacement windows were in the main white in colour but like most things more choice became available.The first woodgrain upvc window I ever saw was in 1990 at it was called mahogany woodgrain which we still offer as a choice today.

The woodgrain effect is actually a thermo plastic film that is applied to the surface of the window profile at the end of the extrusion process.The foil we use is a German foil called Renolit and comes with a 10 year guarantee against peeling.There are cheaper films on the market but having seen myself what they perform like we decided to stick with arguably the industry leader.

The plastic film can be applied to either the outside face only and this is then known as woodgrain on white,the inside face only known as woodgrain inside and most commonly both faces known simply as woodgrain.When the foil is applied to both faces of the upvc window the profile colour is normally dark or light brown to harmonise with the foil colour as white would look slightly odd !.

types of woodgrain effects- see them at window quote what colour do you want

mahogany woodgrain a dark brown very uniform pattern rosewood a more modern dark wood pattern with random patterns light oak a golden brwon foil with knots and swirls

due to the thermal contraction and expansion of woodgrain upvc windows it is vital that they contain steel reinforcing to counteract its high co-efficient of expansion compared to white upvc windows.

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david duncan | Friday August 9, 2013 at 6:51pm
Due to poor painting skills can woodgrain foil/ finish be replaced/covered on 4 year old PVC Wundows? be ...

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