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upvc window prices lowest ever?

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Friday September 24, 2010 at 7:09pm

I had a meeting today,yes really,with our bank manager and it was the normal how are you doing? can we sell you anything? money has never been cheaper to borrow etc...However he went onto say that he and his bank thought next year 2011 would be a year of price rises.

he cited energy prices,raw materials and of course in January vat will be going up from 17.5% now to 20% although felt it unlikely for interest rates to rise what a relief.It got me thinking what prices we may have and if it's possibly the best time right now to be ordering upvc windows? yes it is and i'll tell you why.

  1. From October 1st all windows fitted must have a C energy energy rating this will add about £15 per window over normal K glass
  2. The VAT increase will add £25 to every £1000 after December 31st
  3. material prices used in upvc window manufacturing will rise 5-8% next year.

So if you ordered your windows today I estimate they would be approx 10% cheaper than next years prices upvc window prices.However there is a way round not having the more expensive C rated glass.If you order your windows before October 1st 2010 you can fit them anytime up until April 1st 2011 and they can still have K glass ..

You can take advantage of this by paying just 10% deposit now and the 17.5% vat total.Then pay the balance before April 1st 2011 please call us on 0800 389 0595 or email or get a window quote and request help and we will get your sizes.

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