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upvc front doors

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Wednesday January 22, 2014 at 9:39am

The lowest priced front door you can buy is probably made from UPVC .We made our first UPVC door back in 1996 and I can remember the price we sold them at,£289.The reason I remember is that we had a specific telephone number 0500 000 289.I thought it was good marketing to have the door price as part of the telephone number.

The UPVC front doors we sell today are in some instances now cheaper than 25 years ago! Our most popular upvc front door is priced at £282 inc vat.

You may be wondering 'yes the price is low but am I buying a door that uses 25 year old technology?' The answer is yes and no.The frame is made from UPVC which has proved itself as material for over 50 years.But some of the components we now use bear now comparison to those we used 25  years ago.

UPVC front door security tape A super tape

I thought I'd take down a post code map I had stuck to the wall in my office recently.I gave it a tug and it wouldn't budge,really it was stuck tight.So I grabbed it with both hands and heaved.The map came away from the wall and so did the paint and some plaster.

'Wow' I thought.The fact is that the tape we used to hold the map in place (it's that clear stuff I'm holding) is the same tape we use on our UPVC front doors to bond the glass sealed unit to the door panel.

We upgraded to this kind of tape about seven years ago.The thing is taht it's hideously expensive compared to the old tape we used to use on our UPVC front doors.Enough tape to cover the use for one door costs about £12 compared to about 62p using the previous tape we used. 

The thing is, I personally wouldn't have it any different. Yes, our UPVC front doors are at a low cost.But we have not had one front door panel fail since we started using the super tape.So when you buy a UPVC front from us you can tell your friends about the super tape as well as  how saved several hundred pounds.

Using about £10 worth of tape to hold up a post code map is not a good idea, especially when it means the wall needs redecorating as well.

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