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replacement window prices 1942

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Friday September 3, 2010 at 6:59pm

I had a visit today from an elderly friend I think his 78 so I'm allowed to call him "old boy" he wanted a price for 4 new upvc replacement windows.He stretched out his arms and said there about this size and then ummed and a'rred a bit, I said I come round and give him a window quote.

Ted is a Farmer (beef herd) and has lived in the farm house since September 29th 1942 he has 140 acres and currently 100 cows- (it's very interesting to me).He takes round the back of the house and shows me the windows he'd like replacing with new upvc windows. "These were fitted in 1942 when I was just a boy he says, do you really think they need replacing?".They were very rotten in places and the glass had a few cracks here and there so naturally I said yes.

We get down to taking about the price of things mainly beef and Ted said he had another quote for £1400 which quiet frankly was totally ridiculous for 4 very small upvc windows.Our price was £825 I was doing him a favour as I've known him 10 years and his a smashing old boy.Ted said still seems awfully dear compared to how much the windows cost in 1942.I did laugh at this point and asked how much a cow was to buy in 1942 and how much today.

When we were inside having a cup of tea Ted pulled out an old wooden box full of paper there he said the invoice 4 windows fitted in December 1942 price £48 and 5 shillings.I was amazed at how his family kept that bit of paper for nearly 70 years it was typed out on a sort of tissue paper.Ted worked out with a pencil that my replacement window quote was 17 times more expensive than the 1940's price, this I conceded but pointed out that our upvc window price was £575 cheaper that the other firm and that would buy about 100 hot dinners at the local pub Ted conceded that point to me.

It's been left that he'll speak with his accountant and get back to me hoping the accountant is not from 1942!.

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Ron Becker | Friday September 17, 2010 at 6:49pm
185mm w x153mm h. 2 open top vents price to collect please...
Ron Becker | Saturday September 18, 2010 at 12:44pm
185mm w x153mm h. 2 open top vents price to collect please...

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