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racism in double glazing

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Thursday February 10, 2011 at 6:43pm

Today I witnessed something in double glazing that quiet literally stunned me and made my bloody furious.Recently we changed the firm who takes away our scrap upvc offcuts.The new company is run by a young Asian lad who came along and offered us a better price than our current supplier.His is a new business and he went the extra mile to give us great service and some useful other benefits.

Today the old supplier( I will not name them) turned up and asked why we weren't using them any more.I told them that they'd been undercut and showed him the letter with the new prices.

He replied "that name his Indian you know (pronounced mockingly), you know what the Indians are like!...." I felt embarrassed and bloody angry at his comments in fact I'm thinking of writing to the firms MD to complain.What a total twat I thought. Knock the competition and then make racist comments.I felt like telling him how many Sikh soldiers died in wars fighting for this country so he could sit there and be a prick. Any way rant over.

needless to say we will never be using the firm again.

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