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new double glazing machinery

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Wednesday March 19, 2014 at 12:01pm

New double glazing machinery

quad upvc welder

It's that time of year,when companies invest in new equipment,it's tax deductible so it encourages firms to upgrade or expand. Earlier this week we took delivery of our second Rotox quad welder.

As a company we are a great believer in some rather simple but core philosophies; 'If you want to sell quality products use the best machinery to make to those products'

Having spent 25 years fabricating UPVC windows, I realise that the above philosophy is true on so many interconnecting levels.Sadly in our early days I ignored this philosophy and instead focused on the philosophy of 'lowest cost = quickest payback' .

I say sadly, as I only realised that buying cheapest sometimes means buying twice after I had invested several hundreds of thousands of pounds in cheap machinery.Yes, it worked, but it required almost continuous maintenance and we frankly, knew that the quality it produced was not the best.

Just recently, A new customer was walking round our factory and took out his phone and snapped a close up picture of a foiled cruciform weld.To which commented ' bloody good that,do you leave here especially for people to see?' We laughed, 'No,its how they all come out,thanks to our cruciform welder'

So when it came to expand our UPVC door line welding capacity we went for a Rotox quad welder.A quad welder,like it sounds,has four welding heads that weld every corner in one operation.What this means is that the finished square is just that,square.And that ultimately means that the opening part of the window or door works as well as it can.

To us,this means that our customers are happy and a happy customer is more likely to stay our customer,as opposed to becoming a customer of one of our competitors! . The other benefit with buying the best machinery is that your reject rate is a lot lower compared to that using cheaper machinery.

With that in mind I don't think we will be buying an inline 8 head welder corner cleaner line any time,soon unless the boss of Rotox wants another glowing testimonial!

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