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new double glazing admin office

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Wednesday February 26, 2014 at 11:23am

double glazing office

New Double glazing admin Office

We moved into our current double glazing factory in Coventry, back in 2003.I can still remember the laminate flooring going down and at that time not imagining that it would be in place for the next eleven years. There are eight people in the office, four in sales the other four, work in order processing. The Sales people used to sit in a long pod like thing. I designed the 'pod' using window profile and kitchen work top, It contained all the power and network cabling and I think worked really well.

The laminated flooring however took a battering. The castor wheels on peoples office chairs wore a circular groove in the floor and in one case down to the concrete! It was widely considered that a new floor was needed.

The décor was in lilac for the walls and magenta for all the wood work. As you can see magenta features in our company logo and the office was often called the 'pink palace'.I was loathed to have the paint scheme changed, firstly, I like it's non conformist statement and secondly the bloke who painted all the offices and factory did it all in just two weeks for £500.Because of his amazing labour and incredible price. I possessed a certain amount of sentimental protectiveness over the garish pink on the walls.

 Some what sadly the office was due an update. So new desks were ordered, carpet tiles,(seconds) These were supplied, initially in a brown and grey striped pattern, and looked bloody awful. The supplier tried to tell me they were in fact, dark-green ,they offered to knock a £100 off the bill if we accepted these. Next day, our the original order was with us, in a sea green colour. The new paint, which was called 'sandstone' and is a masonry paint. The total budget was £480.The labour was provided by the office workers, who were very keen to have a change.

 They even came in on a Saturday to rip up my old double glazing tele sales pod. I was secretly delighted that it was a real struggle to break apart. I mused it was quality built. Now, everyone is happy with their new office and I must admit I do like the fresh new chemical smell from the paint and carpet adhesive. As long as the sales staff don't get high and start over discounting the Double glazing prices we should be fine.

Finally if you like to visit us to get some double glazing prices please feel free to do so.We even bought some new visitor chairs.

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