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low price double glazed windows - ending soon?

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Friday March 4, 2011 at 9:35am

As you are aware everything we buy, virtually with out exception has increased in price in the last 12 months or so.Due to energy,fuel costs and massive increases in raw materials.Coupled with massive internal demand from China, India and developing economies,has meant that the price of double glazing will increase to reflect these facts.

We have had some suppliers  turn up with demands for 14% price increases.There main concern is that they may not even be able to secure stock, such is demand and in some cases shortages of raw materials.

If this sounds like a buy it now type plea.(I comming to that)It is because from April we will probably be increasing our online prices I'm not sure how much by yet.But up they will go.So yes I'd advise to buy now if you can.

One word of warning if your are buying double galzed upvc windows at this time is to be very wary of who you are dealing with.I don't intend this to be a dig at our competitors.But there are more than a few firms out there trading near to the edge and by that I mean will bag your deposit with an incredibly cheap window price.Then go bust once they have enough cash built up and siphoned it off somewhere safe.

The golden rule is to use a credit card for all transactions in doing so by consumer law the card issuer is jointly liable for the return of your money.Be warned it takes a whilst to get back.So if your buying windows deal with a firm of longstanding and if you like check them out at companies house do a credit check on them it only costs a quid and can give you a picture as to how genuine they are.

Things too look out for are frequent changes of directors,frequent change of regd office, charging orders, very negative working capital.All these things can indicate thast you may be dealing with  a bunch of "$%^^&&! ".

Happy window shopping

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