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how we deliver DIY double glazing

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Friday April 11, 2014 at 10:18am

How we deliver DIY Double glazing

 I’m In France, as I write this, and there are is a weird assortment of camper vans driving around. Yesterday, I saw the very same type of camper van that we used to make our first delivery of DIY double glazing back in 1996. And I thought it would make a topic for a blog entry about how we deliver your double glazing orders.

 But,firstly let me put on my rose tinted glasses and go back to June 1996. At that time we took an order for 23 double glazed windows. I was over the moon, It was our first really big order. The problem was that, we had to deliver them to Loughborough about 35 miles away.

This was a problem because at the time we did not have a works van. We needed a van any way for local deliveries anyway, I'd been borrowing a friends van to do the few we had previously, but he was away. So I bought the cheapest van I could find,bear in mind, I was a bit skint at the time. I was the fairly proud owner of a B reg 1983 short wheel base transit camper van, the cost £400 and a new upvc front door.

 The man said he was selling it because it was too thirsty,I soon found out why. At some point in the vans life it had been given an engine transplant, not the 1.6 petrol, but the 2.0 L petrol ford unit normally put in Sierras. This meant the van struggled to do 14 mpg but as a bonus it was, well by van standards, ultra rapid. Providing you didn't mind the rear diff' screaming its bearings apart. Anyway the windows were duly made and loaded.

 Most fortunately were very small fixed frames and went in easily through the side door. I decided to leave the interior intact, so the frames were wedged around the fitted interior. The problem was that we had two very large double glazed windows. That would not fit through the door. This was solved by tying them either side of the van, secured with rope that ran from one frame on one side ,through the middle of the van to the other window. You could say they were counterpoised in perfect equilibrium. Alternatively, you could say it was a pretty good lash up.

I decided to leave early one Saturday morning. Just as we got to the Loughborough ring road,we got stopped by the police. The reason being one brake bulb was broken. The policeman walked off commenting it would be a good idea not to travel with people in the back with all that glass on board!

The van lasted about two further weeks before the diff' expired and we went 'up market' and got a newish Leyland DAF. That's another story and an expensive one. Next time I write, I'll explain how 18 years later we now deliver your double glazing orders.

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