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getting a price for DIY Double glazing

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Wednesday March 26, 2014 at 10:59am

Getting a price for DIY double glazing

By this stage, You will have no doubt realised that going the DIY route with Double glazing will save you a lot of money. That’s great, the question is how do you get a price for your new windows.

UPVC double glazing comes into varietys,the first are windows that are off the peg and are made to a limited range of sizes and styles.

Such as. Widths- 450, 600, 900, 1200, 1350, 1500 and 1800 mm

Heights- 600, 900, 1050, 1200, 1350, 1500 and 1600 mm

It's important to know that off the peg windows are nearly always mass produced for shed retailers, often originating from factories in Eastern Europe. You get the required size but also the manufacturers specification, which is virtually always of a low contract specification or built to a price.

The important thing to remember if you intend buying these windows, is to make sure that your brick opening size is larger than the size of the window and cill. Sounds simple but you need a nominal gap of around 5-7 mm around the perimeter of the window frame. Or else you will be stuck with a window that won't fit the hole.

If you ever get into this situation, there is a remedy by where you can power plane the extrusion rails off the outside edge of the window frame. This will make the frame 10mm or so smaller and may make the difference between fitting in the opening and not.

 The second variety and much more common is made to measure UPVC windows. With this option each window is manufactured from the customer supplied sizes. So if the front bedroom window 1 is 17mm wider than the front bedroom window 2 it's not a problem. This is how the majority of the UK housing stock is. Even ones built using metric brick sizes.Mortar joints & beds can vary and this makes virtually every window bespoke to its brick aperture.

Getting your windows priced.

A price for double glazing does not require the accuracy of a brick survey. The quickest way to do it is from the inside of the house. Pick up a tape measure and measure the internal reveal, between the walls. Never ever use this size for a window survey! The window will always be about 20-30mm larger than this rough size.

Draw a rectangle and mark on your width in MM if your my Dads age here is a link to a site that converts inches to metric. So you now have your sizes.

Choosing the style of window.

Often people keep exactly the same style as the existing window style that makes sense if you want to keep the outside of your house looking the same as your neighbours etc. A good point to consider though is that you may want more glass area or more openers, also called vents, casements and sashes. More openers allow more ventilation options, but as you increase the number of openers the window price increases. So have a think, and maybe sketch down both the existing style or check out our large range of window styles. You can also have something manufactured that is completely custom if you chose.

 The window is viewed from outside the house.

 An important thing is the above. All manufacturers that now exist, view the window style from outside. ie Looking at the window from the outside of the house. This is very important as been demonstrated for centuries. The style of the window is reversed when you view from inside and when it is made viewed from outside.

Take a scrap of thin paper draw a window with an opener on the right, as viewed from the inside of the room. Now, turn the paper over, hey presto it's now on the left hand side! Viewing windows from inside the room is a no,no. So go outside in the garden or street and make your sketches to position your window openers. Once you have your window sizes and window styles you can get a price, quickest is to go online and get a double glazing price or contact us by phone 0800 389 0595 or chat online to us.

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