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energy rated upvc windows WER

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Friday August 27, 2010 at 5:33pm

From October 2010 all replacement upvc windows must have a WER (window energy rating) of C or above.What does this mean to you?,as you are probably aware white goods(washing machines,fridges etc) come with an energy rating A to G, A is the most efficent in terms of the amount of energy the product uses.If you would like a price for an energy window now please go to our free window quote.

UPVC replacement windows now to have a energy rating label which allows you to compare any upvc window with any other upvc window in terms of thermal or energy efficency.Before the BRFC introduced this excellent scheme you had to compare individual upvc windows by the U value of the sealed unit within the window, which was very difficult to do as U values varied and there was no legislation in place to validate claims made by window companies.

The BRFC WER scheme takes into account every component within the upvc window (frame.steel,hardware, glass sealed unit window bead) to create the window energy rating label, A is the most efficent.We hold window energy ratings certificates for A rated upvc windows as well as C rated energy windows.We stick a small ID sticker on every frame to identify them as our and with our certification details.

I was very pleased for u-fit to obtain BRFC cerification for our UPVC windows however I think it is important for the consumer to bear in mind that even though you can now accurately compare the thermal efficency of two upvc windows you can not still make a comparison of the upvc windows security performance,weather proofing and importantly manufactured quality.So you still have to do your homework as if two windows have a C rating it certainly does not mean anything else that they conform to C window energy rating.

We manufcature Synseal synerjy blu in A & C ratings and shield in C rating please get a window quote

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