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coloured UPVC windows

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Monday March 3, 2014 at 3:22pm

Coloured UPVC windows

Many of my blogs start with the words, 'back in.....' and I then I go on to describe events from far back in my double glazing history. Not sure why that should be the case, perhaps it was a lot simpler back in 1990.I mean, coloured UPVC windows? Everything or virtually all UPVC windows were white.

Mahogany woodgrain UPVC windows were pretty new back in 1990.My first experience of coloured UPVC was visual as well as audible. At the time I worked for a profile extrusions company and one of our customers said 'A conservatory they had fitted was making funny noises'
and could we have a look.

I travelled down to Essex in my Sierra, and met the customer, a window fabricator at his factory.
Jim, the owner had a white Rolls Royce at the time and suggested we should go in his car. Jim, should could have had a Nordic Dad, as the way he threaded the white roller along a dirt track in rural Essex was terrifying. We kept coming out on to main roads and then exiting about a mile later, then going literally sideways, down rutted or gravel tracks.

The other thing about Jim, was he liked to look sharp, to the extent that he'd change his clothes around dinner time, into something different. As we pulled up outside the customers house,Jim,
opened the boot of the Roller and took out a new suit and shirt. Ignoring me, he calmly stripped down to his boxers in the street and proceeded to put his new gear on. Jim was an enigma, that's for sure.

We went to look at the conservatory, a mahogany brown one. I stood inside, in the bright mid day sunshine, two things struck me; one it was hot in there and two the creaking noises. It was very noticeable. It transpired that there was no steel reinforcing in any part of the conservatory and the roof had been made from coloured UPVC window profile( as was the 'norm' back then) the ridge was in fact a woodgrain bay pole.It was the kind of thing that nowadays you'd have said was made in Cuba or Vietnam, by a very inventive person.

All I could say to Jim was that it was a pile of shit. He totally accepted this and asked what to do, I told him, but that's another story.

The point I wanted to make is now you can have any coloured UPVC window. We fabricate UPVC windows in 13 foiled finishes. We are able to supply any colour in a painted finish, including pink.
The coloured foils are the Synseal Artisan range and really do look the part. The pink window in the picture is actually an order from a customer. The customer in question wanted a pink bath room window for her daughters own en suite bathroom. So if your looking for coloured UPVC windows, please talk to us we'd love to help.

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