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UPVC windows

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Monday December 19, 2011 at 12:42pm

When you are young and I mean young as an 18 year old boy,UPVC windows hold very little interest,actually none.My first introduction to UPVC windows was by Sid who was the showroom manager at a firm that sold UPVC windows.That was back in the year 1986 so over 25 years ago.

I met Knew Sid from selling his firm advertising space in the newspaper I worked for.Every week I'd go and visit and Sid who would by that time on a Friday afternoon be very merry and red faced.I'd sit his in his office, go to get the paper out and then more often than not he'd say

'Come on John let's go down the boozer'

Being 18 years old I thought Sid was great .Five or six of us from the UPVC window showroom would pile into his red BMW M5 and Sid would do drive very spiritedly to a lovely pub by a river.

Very Often Sid would cajole me into saying how much I'd earned that week.Having been part of this conversation before I knew the structure and outcome of it.Remember it was the mid 1980's

So id say ' £150 this week' adding a bit always for good measure.

Sid would shout something like ' how much?'

'Jack tell John would you did this week' and so would follow a round robin of how much every one had earned that week .Always with out fail I'd earned least.It was Big Sid's method of job recruitment.And it worked

Sid had recruited me selling UPVC windows.I liked Sid a lot.He made a big impression on my young mind with statements like 'always carry a grand on your hip,in case you see something you want'.

I recall going out selling UPVC windows with Sid for the first time.He was a very likeable fellow and put people at their ease within a few minutes of meeting them.One line I remember Involved claiming that the rubber gaskets on our UPVC windows were the same as the one used on the space shuttle.I just searched that fact on google and it would appear he was right.The O rings that failed on the shuttle were in fact made from EPDM rubber.

Sid was always bigging us up,making us feel we could have sold UPVC windows to the Queen.Sid knew how to keep us young lads motivated,the top salesman would get Sid's BMW on Friday night and keep it till Monday morning.

I'd love to meet Sid again,Sadly I lost touch with him. He thought I was mad going to sell window profile and couldn't understand why I was taking a salary cut to do so.I imagine that his long departed he certainly lived for today and would be in to his 80's today.I'd like to think of him instead driving round in his red BM closing lots of deals in UPVC window heaven.

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