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UPVC window replacement getting them fitted

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Friday December 3, 2010 at 7:28pm

It's been a good week in double glazing, well it felt like a good week to me.I got a few new trade customers onboard and one of them has been trading since 1937.I got to meet three generations of the same family all working in the same window firm.The oldest took me to one side in the factory and showed me in his hand 4 window screws he'd picked off the floor.His words were "many a mickle makes a muckle" this translates to "pennies maketh pounds" I agreed with him and that got me thinking how can we sell you a fitted window at a really low price.

The answer is we use our trade installers to fit your new windows !.We have a massive network of trade customers who can survey and fit your windows for alot less than using them directly.

Check out this page on getting your upvc windows fitted to read more about this exciting new service called u-fit assist.

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