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UPVC Doors

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Wednesday November 23, 2011 at 2:49pm

I have a sister inlaw who had double glazing fitted to her house in 1988.Now personally I do like to see very early examples of UPVC Double glazing, especially UPVC Doors.Peg that's my sister inlaw's name has gone in and out of that UPVC Door for over 20 years and never had any bother from it.Other than the fact that it uses a kind of UPVC door lock, that today would be virtually illegal to fit.It has just two small locking points on the UPVC Door more suited to a balcony door lock.

Recently she started asking us to give her a price for a new UPVC Door.I kind of told her


'Look why don't you get some online UPVC Door Prices on our new site' I added 'Then you can see the range and see what you like' I added knowing that it would take her many hours , No maybe days to choose a new UPVC Door style she liked.

I left it a whilst but my wife started kept bringing up the subject.So I went round there 'admired' the existing UPVC Doors longevity and rather bulky square profiles and 16 mm glazing cavity.I Felt the extremely worn but very smooth, UPVC Door handle and thought I wonder how long I'm going to be here for.

Luckily for me Peg had decided to buy the best value for money UPVC Door we manufacture.That saved a lot of umming and erring on her part.She had another quote from a national fitting firm.

'Do you know they were going to charge me £1100 for my UPVC Door to be replaced'

I replied in a matter of fact tone ' Really that sounds about right'

'Then why is yours only £260'

'Plus the fitting' I hastily added A local trades man was fitting the UPVC Door for her and a good job the they made too - I'm relived to say.

Then followed a lot of questions about UPVC door locks,UPVC Door Hinges and how the salesman had said 'Every other UPVC Door was a cheap imitation of his'

I often hear this a lot why are your UPVC Doors so cheap in comparison to most others.The answer has many facets and will have too be saved for another blog on UPVC Doors.I can conclude that Peg is delighted with here new UPVC Door and that it really does suit the property.I wish we had kept the old UPVC Door - maybe we could have started a museum for old UPVC Doors.

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jason @ soundproofing | Saturday November 26, 2011 at 1:53am
Testimonials and recommendations are the best marketing any company can have....
UPVC Doors | Saturday February 4, 2012 at 2:25pm
Great Blog a lovely read thanks...
graham ash | Sunday February 12, 2012 at 9:45am
We had a UPVC door from you in 2000 nearly 12 years later still good ,its down to the fitting LOL...

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