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Get an online window price without leaving your details

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Friday September 17, 2010 at 6:59pm

 These days it seems to me that most websites insist on you leaving your personal details before they'll give you a price I don't know about you but when I visit a site I'm not going there for any other reason to find out about the service or product and ideally how much it's going to cost.

Currently if you would like a window quote on our site you can do so without leaving your personal details which is great if excuse the pun "your window shopping!" .You can of course leave your details if you wish but it's not mandatory for you to do so just to get a window quote/price.However I would urge you to leave your details and I'll tell you why.

Earlier this week someone left there details and we got an email with the quote details something didn't look right on the quote so our sales man Shad (real name Shadrach) called the number and explained that using georgian bar grill instead of a cruciform joint in a small cottage style window would look better the guy agreed and thanked Shad for the info and he placed an order.

See our salesman are not sharks or worse look like the common image used on the internet to show call center staff ie bronzed, white teeth sickly smiles and gormless look.No instead we are here to help by giving you advice on your window quote

If you do leave your details we will also promise to quote you a better price than the online version and I'm in the process of writing an E book with apithy title " how not to get flleeced buying double glazing" which you'll get sent free.One bit of the E book will contain a few stories of salesmans antics one of which I'll tell you now.

A customer was having a quote in there house one night and the customer said at the end of the night "I'll sleep on it and let you know" the salesman replied "great I'll sleep on the settee and sign you up in the morning then!" .Leaving your details on our site for a window quote will not result in us sleeping on your settee!.

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