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Double glazing prices - the truth

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Wednesday January 11, 2012 at 2:06pm
Double Glazing prices what a minefield!

The UK Double glazing Industry which I’m proud to have been part of for nearly 25 years has very often, in fact almost always gotten a bad press. The perception seems to be that because Double glazing windows are made from ‘plastic’ and that carrier bag are to. It must therefore follow that they should cost roughly the same. And if some one pays say £5000 to have their house fitted with Double glazed windows they paid through the nose. As 12 carrier bags cost £1.Great logic eh?

Buying Double glazed windows is something, thankfully I’ve never had to do. I say thankfully, because, I imagine it’s a very confusing thing to do. There is just so much information out there .And it’s fairly hard for the average consumer to find out what is really is a good Double glazing deal amongst every company’s claims.

Ok, so I’m going bound to be a bit biased and you’ll learn why in a minute. But today I’m hopefully going to lift the fog that surrounds buying Double glazing and give it to you straight. So you need or perhaps would even like new double glazing. There are three options open to you;

1) Go to a local or national Double glazing installation firm.
2) Buy the windows from a Double glazing factory and fit them yourselves.
3) As no 2 but employ some one to fit them for you.

Yes, I do own a Double Glazing Factory as it happens so naturally I’m will be telling you to go with for either option 2 or 3.But, no, I like being unbiased and truthful.

If you want a complete turn key operation with very little time involved. Get a Double glazing installation firm to fit your windows, ideally get 3 quotes and ask to see examples of their work locally(not just pretty pictures).Be prepared to spend more money with this option. Convenience costs and you’re paying for it in spadefulls.

Typically choosing this option you could be spending £200-£500 per window more than if you went with the other two options. That certainly adds up with seven windows you’re suddenly looking at £1400 to £3500 more. I’m not saying it’s wrong to spend more money if that’s what you want. But today it really does pay to be an extremely savvy buyer and by that I mean paying no more than you have to. By doing so, you can spend your money on the things you really, really want like that holiday or new sport cars. I’m sure you realise this.

So if you want to pay no more than you have too. Options 2 and 3 are what you need. You can buy your Double glazing from a Double glazing factory. It’s as direct as you can go, as you by pass all the middle men taking a slice of your money.
Don’t think the quality of your windows, buying this way will be less either. It’s very likely to be near identical in specification to the household name Double glazing companies.

We set up manufacturing and selling DIY double glazing back in 1996 and in 1999 we started selling DIY windows on the web. Our old website was getting a bit clunky after 11 years. So we took what we had learnt and developed a new site dedicated to giving you, the DIY installer the right information and importantly great Double Glazing prices

Our new revamped website allows anyone to measure their own windows, select a style and get instant Double Glazing prices, without having to fill in a form, unless you chose to. You can buy your windows online and have delivered by us. Or you can call us up and we can talk you through it and via email. You chose to fit your new windows yourself or employ a window fitter to fit them for you. Either way our Double Glazing prices will undoubtedly save you money
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Debbie @ Happy Maker | Wednesday February 1, 2012 at 3:48pm
Wow I need new windows, wish you were in the USA. Thank you for the information though it will come in handy for my future new windows....
Double Glazing Windows and Doo | Thursday February 2, 2012 at 8:42am
Yes thats true...the installations have become popular. Now its the best option to protect from heavy temperature and noise pollution. ...
Michael Johns | Saturday August 18, 2012 at 4:43pm
What guarantee is there on these windows ? How long will they last ?...
moderator | Monday September 3, 2012 at 2:21pm
Michael, the gurantee is as follows,UPVC profiles white 10 years, glass units 5 years,hardware 2 years.As to how long will they last that bit depends on how well maintained they are.My best guess is 20-25 years.Although my sister in law had some UPVC windows and doors taht were fitted in 1983....

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