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Double glazing prices from cold callers

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Tuesday February 4, 2014 at 7:05pm

I don't know about you,but our home phone number is TPS (telephone preference registered) .This is meant to mean companies must not call you, to sell you something that is unsolicited.

It does however allow them to phone you and canvass your opinions, purely for survey purposes. I don't really mind much, when double glazing companies call me at home.They launch into thier pitch about how wonderful their double glazing prices are.

This is because I enjoy hearing the methods and techniques being used by the caller. How I respond to them depends on my mood.And how their opening pitch sounds to me.A friend of mine suggested I use the 'YES' technique.When their opening pitch is not to my satisfaction.

This is where you answer 'yes' to each and every question.Amazingly I was able to keep a caller talking for a good five minutes,until they understood the game. It ended thus;

'So can you confirm your postcode'


Can I ask you your full postcode?


 'Do you have a bill with your postcode address on it?'


 Can you read it to me?


What does it begin with?


'Thank you for your time'


And they politely hung up.I felt bad, really, all they wanted to do, was get me to agree to have a salesman visit and give us some double glazing prices.

I might add I have used the 'Yes' technique on a caller who was insisting that I had a virus on my computer and I must give them access to my PC, so they could remove it.That went on for ages and I even got transferred to a senior manager,during the call. On this occasion the caller did not say 'thank you for your time' at the end of the call.I swallowed hard and confirmed 'Yes' I was a C8unt.

Sometimes,I will just say

'Yes,my wife wants new windows'

Suddenly you can hear the callers enthusiasm in their voice lift.But only to be sadly dashed when I follow up with.

'I own a double glazing factory,but I won't let her have any,she'll have to put up with the ones we've got'

 That normally gets a laugh.

Once a very enthusiastic and sharp dressed young man came up the drive.On this occasion I spoke to him at length.I told him that I've been in the trade for nearly 30 years. How great it is to be in Double glazing.I gave him some advice on how to progress his career path.I thought I'd pass on some of my double glazing 'wisdom'.

We are still getting calls weeks later from the company he works for.... But sometimes I'll let one of the big double glazing companies actually visit.It makes good market research to see their latest product offerings. Next time I'll tell about how some of these visits went and ended.

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