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DIY windows why do it

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Wednesday March 12, 2014 at 10:42am
DIY windows why do it

Over many years I've had the opportunity to speak to a lot of DIY window customers. We have had Scottish Lords buying windows for there estate,A German who travelled over in his Mercedes complete with roof rack and trailer to collect his windows and my favourite three nuns in a Nissan micra who collected a door, that was tied on to the roof of their car, with string and ribbons.

I like speaking to our customers and getting an understanding of why choose to buy from us and why they went the DIY window route, instead of having their windows installed. The primary reason is, and is no great surprise, there is a large saving over having your windows fitted.

Very often people tell me they have saved enormous amounts of money ,by fitting their own windows, in fact thousands of pounds. My own estimate is that if you fit your own DIY windows you will save about £200- 400 per window, which if you have five windows to do is a fantastic saving.

For some people the money saving aspect, although important is secondary to their desire to complete a DIY project for themselves. The satisfaction of achieving something you've never done before is a great feeling. And many of our customers become product evangelists ,telling all their friends and neighbours how they can save money by fitting their own windows. We supplied some windows to an 80 year old lady, who fitted them, with a bit of help from her grandson. The grandson said 'Nan, always like to be hands on'

Another reason is that you can often get what you really want in terms of specification by buying your windows direct. Rather than being 'sold' what the window salesman wants to sell. You will also get a trade price on the up grade specification. An example is the Optithon glass option we sell, it's a special kind of glass, used in high noise environments, to reduce the noise. You can order or get a quote online for it on our website at a far lower price than if you had it a retail price.

So with DIY double glazing you make a large saving over the installed price and what's more you can get the specification you really want and one that suits your needs.

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