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DIY UPVC window Energy ratings audit

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Friday January 7, 2011 at 7:07pm
Today we had our first Window energy rating(WER) audit for our DIY upvc windows.Its over a year since we gained certification for both our shield upvc window and synerjy upvc window.

I was at first rather sceptical about the whole WER process. But since then it I have mellowed it allows you the customer to compare upvc window quotes very easily.By comparing the energy rating of each upvc window.Previously it was very difficult to compare upvc window efficiencies as the the amount of glass combination available was in the hundreds.So I think it's a step forward.

The actual audit itself showed that we are complying to the internal auditing process.We have to be able to prove the components in each upvc window comply to our test certification luckily our software churns out pages and pages of such data for every order.

The bloke who came to do the audit looked suitably geeky and when we asked a question about changing a glazing gasket.He went into technical mode for the next twenty minutes and that the upshot simply was, we would have to resubmit our test reports if we did so

If you are reading this thinking what does this have to do buying diy upvc windows.Its because From October 1st 2010 all upvc replacement window must have a C energy rating or above.We supply both C rated and A rated upvc windows

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