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Coventry Doors

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Wednesday December 7, 2011 at 1:52pm

Coventry Doors was an idea I had 16 years ago.I had just moved to Coventry and had this idea of just fabricating Doors only.The reason was using my logic was that it was a lot easier to fabricate Coventry Doors than fabricating windows as well.

So I named my company Door express, the idea was simple I used my limited start up capital to invest in the machinery to manufacture doors only.We used to install a Coventry Door for £299.We even had a catchy freephone number, 0500 000 299.I wished I'd kept that number it would be worth a few quid these days.

At that time Coventry Doors was unusual as no firm before had made exclusively Doors.I remember (during the war) that we were rushed off our feet fabricating Coventry Doors but something was wrong.Occasionally people would say can you supply a kitchen window or a full house full.

'No I'd say unfortunately we don't ' That normally meant we'd lose the order as the customers quiet rightly just wanted one firm to complete the work.Coventry Door was not the brain child I imagined it to be, in fact 40% of enquiries wanted windows wither door order.

Being a resourceful chap and one who hates to see money going elsewhere.I made a decision to fabricate window as well as Coventry doors.The decision to do so was helped by a friend of mine,Greg, based Near Croydon who was setting up a retail window company - called cosy home.

Greg wanted to buy our windows off us and being the kind of guy who could sell anything he did very well and before long I thought the idea of Coventry Doors was a bit silly.And focused on becoming a trade window fabricator instead.

Funny enough though I always harboured the dream of a firm selling just doors and went on to set up a website called doorexpress which sold Coventry Doors and also all over the UK,Europe and the world.We have a trade customer who took on the idea of just selling Doors and he became quiet an expert at selling Doors but still used to fit windows which he bought from us.

When I drive around Coventry these days I can still see the first Coventry Doors we installed 16 years ago and that make me smile and feel slightly aged at the same time.

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