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Comparing double glazing prices online

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Monday September 3, 2012 at 1:29pm

It's been said often enough, so I'll say it again...'The internet has changed our lives' it's now so easy to compare the price of virtually anything online and after all that saves you money right?

 Well not so fast, let you me tell you a story;My wife kept badgering me about buying a new wide screen TV as ' mine' had an intermittent fault that meant it turned off every now and again,not a bad thing you might say.In addition to being nearly 10 years old.It had massive cabinet on the back and weighed 10 stones, I checked that online.

 So not knowing much about the latest TV's I went online and  used a price comparison site, and basically narrowed down the model after reading the reviews, searching google with the models exact name and got some seriously low prices. All well and good until the wife said 'But what's the picture like,will it be any good?' I replied 'Its a Sony course it bloody will'

Later that day we both took a visit to a TV showroom read PC world/Dixons,where we watched some TV and to my surprise the 19 year old salesman certainly knew about TV's, he steered us away from a Sony to a Samsung which, did look to my eyes as having a better picture.So I took a picture of the TV's model name and told the salesman, we'd be back with cash. I lied, I went home, went online and bought said Samsung for £65 less than the store price.

An every day occurrence no doubt. So does this mean comparing double glazing prices online is a waste of time? well yes and no, you see if you type into google 'double glazing prices' out of the first 10 searches 9 really don't give you any prices, at all .Instead it works like this you submit your details return for 3 quotes,then said website sells your contact details for around £30-50 , to maybe six double glazing companies.

What you actually get is bombardment from double glazing salesman desperate to visit you and spend the night on your settee, in return for your signature.In my mind that is not comparing double glazing prices online but more social networking or perhaps that should be, unsocial networking.

 Its very difficult to compare double glazing prices online, for one it's a made to measure bespoke product and secondly most double glazing firms want to screw every red cent out of you.

 On this website you are a bit more fortunate than the average double glazing buyer for one our double glazing prices online.

Then you can either visit our factory or showroom to actually see the product, just like the TV thing above.Except I strongly suspect that our prices will convince you not to bother with comparing double glazing prices online after your visit,unless you like snoring double glazing salesman,that is!

You can visit our showroom at 32 Station Road,Marston Green,Birmingham,B37 7AU

or call us on 0800 389 0595 for a price not a visit 

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alec gies | Monday October 29, 2012 at 7:33pm
Looking to buy max 5 windows 1 street door...

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