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Cheap UPVC Windows

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Thursday December 1, 2011 at 2:30pm

I did discuss the subject of cheap UPVC windows last month,but that was more to do with prices and perception.And nothing to do with cheap.The irony is that once upon a time you could buy cheap UPVC windows.In this definition of cheap I mean not very good windows ie they were a bit crappy let me give you an example.

About 25 years a go my then boss came up to with a press cutting from the Daily Mail newspaper waving at me he said...

'Just look at these cheap UPVC windows, how can they sell them for that price'

I looked a the prices they were certainly very cheap UPVC windows

'Well what do you think ?' he continued

I replied 'Look it's going to cost £20 to order the smallest one they do why not order it and see what it's like'

'I bloody well will' and off he went

One Monday morning about 4 weeks later he came up to me...

'Well it's arrived it's in the boot of the car'

My boss had a bit of photocopied paper in his hand as we looked over what had been delivered.I was amazed well we were both gob smacked would be a better description.

The cheap upvc window was in fact a window in embryonic form.By that I mean there 9 bits of upvc profile some glazing beads a handle,some hinges and the bit of photocopied paper.Yes,looking at the bit of paper it explained we would need a small saw with a fine tooth blade and a mitre blog.With which to cut 45 degree mitres in the profile and to the correct sizes.(not supplied)

Then you had to join the corners together using a chemical not supplied to melt them together, if you didn't have this unspecified 'chemical' you could join the corners together with long screws going diagonally.

My boss was an engineer and went away and did build the window.He had ordered it to fit in his shed.I was amazed that he had bothered, as it was with out doubt the Mother of all cheap upvc windows.Now my boss had two opinions about his window;

1) he realised it was an absolute crock of shit and that it was only because he spent ages masking it that it actually work- badly at that.

2) The people who owned the company were absolute business geniuses- who made Alan Sugar look like an apprentice as the money they were making was huge.

Sadly He is no longer around to tell me if that cheap upvc window is still functioning, however badly , (there were large gaps between the opening and closing part, when it was shut).

The point is that nowadays it has become very difficult to buy a cheap upvc window and by that I mean a basket case one.Most upvc windows today are of a very sophisticated, some are slightly better than others. And by better I mean, it's like comparing a top of the range BMW with a Mercedes and saying it's better, because one uses a wiring loom that has 10% fewer connectors.So what !.

However and it's an important thing to know if you think cheap upvc windows is all about getting the absolute lowest price. Then be careful because your 'buying' the firm supplying the cheap upvc windows reputation.It has become increasingly common for our competitors in double glazing to suddenly drop there prices by 20% for a few weeks take as many deposits and pre paid orders as they can and then go bust.All executed with military precision.

My advice is to find testimonials about the firm online and also do a credit check on the company offering cheap upvc windows.If they look poor and the price is low be warned your money will be protected if you use a credit card but you may get a lot of hassle and no guarantee and or missing parts.

The take home message is 'Buy your cheap upvc windows from us instead!'

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