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Bring back the fax - I kind of miss it

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Wednesday January 15, 2014 at 12:48pm

I think, no in fact,I know that I'm having another mid life crisis.How do I know this?Because,yesterday I was talking with my wife about how in the mid 1990's,the fax machine reigned supreme in our double glazing business.

I'm going wax lyrically about how excitedly, we'd go into the office each morning to find a massive sheet of continuous A4 thermal paper spilling out of the fax machine.Sometimes it would only be two or three sheets of paper,but I recall a time when we had over 50 sheets of paper jutting out,that's 15 meters of continuous paper!.Each page had to be individually separated and that took time.Then the individual pages were stapled together in groups. Phew!

Then if the sheet was near the end of the paper roll, it wanted to curl back into a rolled shape.Also if you left the printed fax in sunlight,the sun would make the thermal printing magically disappear.And finally you had to judge when the roll was running out, in time before it did.

So why do I miss the humble fax? That's a good question after writing about all the negatives.I did say I kind of miss the fax, and I think the reasons I do miss it are rooted in sentimental nostalgia.I used to love coming in on Monday morning to see a massive outpouring of window orders sprawled across the floor.Then there's the sound it used to make it was like a screechy hiss followed by a beep,beep type noise then some harsh static noise.

If you have nothing better to do and want to know what it actually sounded like here's a link I found

Sad isn't ,but like Pavlov's dogs that noise conditioned us, to mean money was coming to us. I'd smile and smile a bit more when the paper kept rolling out of the machine.Just like a Vegas slot machine.

Perhaps the biggest irony is that we still get 50% of our window orders sent to us by fax in the year 2014.Today though there is no thermal paper Amstrad fax machine.Instead,and I think I'm correct in saying this, as I just checked with IT.We have a digital fax server that stores electronic copies and archives and prints automatically. And it's very good we use SWYX fax server., it's German,but we won't hold that against it.

The other thing is does as well is send all double glazing orders as emails as well.When we first got it,IT tested that on my gmail account on my phone and I could not get the thing to stop beeping every time an email came .Funny aren't they.

Obviously, we get double glazing quotes and orders via email, online and also via Remote server access.As well as fax.Although I might add we did receive an order for some double glazed windows on a bit of wall paper and that was sent via the post.But that's another story.

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