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Are you scared of DIY Double glazing?

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Wednesday January 29, 2014 at 1:22pm

Yes, I do mean physically scared of fitting your own windows. If you are or even if your not, let's have a look into the possible outcomes and pitfalls of DIY Double glazing.

I was prompted to write this blog after speaking to some one at the weekend.Who said 'That he would prefer to pay a full retail price for a new window rather than have to fit one himself'.

Let's call him, David.David justified this remark with the fact,that from a competence point of view. 'I'm F*cking useless at DIY' his wife confirmed this was the case and under no account would David be allowed near anything looking remotely like a tape measure.

David showed me some shelves he'd put up once, all that was now visible were two large holes in the wall, where the shelves had sat,for two days,until they smashed down to the floor in the middle of the night.

I could see why Dave and especially his wife wanted to buy off a big name double glazing company. Even though they would be paying perhaps £300- £500 more for each and every window compared to buying DIY windows online.

The fact is,there are a lot of Daves out there, who for good reason to scared to tamper with their houses, even if it means making a large saving.All I could suggest to Dave was this; 'Why don't you get a local builder to do a window survey for you and fit the windows for you.It would cost about £70 per window fitted.With the sizes you can buy your windows straight from us'

That way you'd still save about £200 - £400 per window.Dave and his wife thought that was a pretty good idea.I guess in reality a fair percentage of our customers go down this route.Now I'm assuming that most are not scared of DIY double glazing, but rather are pretty clever people. Who want to enjoy their free time and make a hefty saving,over paying a big name window company.

The easy way to find some one to survey and fit your Double glazing is probably to look in the local paper or use Yell to find a small builder to do the job for you.The other alternative is to 'face the fear and do it anyway!'I speak from personal experience in this department.Years ago, I was asked to fit a car radio in an elderly Neighbours old Hillman Minx.Sad to say ,the car caught fire less than 24 hours after I had fitted the radio. The fire brigade thought that it was due to an electrical fault. I can't be sure that it was anything to do with my DIY install,but I had a nagging doubt.Luckily, I did go on to fit several more car radios,without any of the cars catching fire.

It's not at all hard to fit your own double glazing. And next time I'll list some great reasons why you should never,ever invite a Double glazing salesman to your home!.

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