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A double glazing person to be proud of

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Thursday July 5, 2012 at 5:23pm

u-fit has been selling DIY double glazing for 16 years.In that time I've always tried to ensure that our customers are treated in the same way, that I would like to be treated as a buyer.

 Some of the public regard double glazing people, well, at the level of crooks and thieves.(some of them are, and you will find them in all professions).I personally don't like this perception,after all, I work in the double glazing industry and this white wash approach is wrong.

There are loads of great double glazing companies out there who take a real pride in striving to be better or the best and that's great as it will bring it's own rewards.As a company grows and it recruits more people,the message from the top can get 'lost' and replaced by a desire to maximise short term profits at all costs.I think some UK banks are guilty of this as I write,July 2012.

This short termism is good for that years balance sheet. But the consumer has a very good memory when it comes to value for money and who gave it them, and will take their business elsewhere and possibly in the process tell others of how they've been treated.Not so good long term. Today I received an email which made me very proud of one of our employees, Jag Jandu. Email below;

 From: Angela [] Sent: 05 July 2012 11:24 To: Subject: Many thanks Dear Frank I just wanted to sing the praises of one of your consultants - Jag. What an absolute pleasure it was to speak to someone who did not go down the route of 'hard sell' but took the time to listen to what I wanted, interpreted my wishes exactly and instead of trying to load my order with lots of unnecessary options actually saved me money by making cost-saving suggestions. Jag knows the window business inside out and that speaks volumes. Kindest regards, Angela

thanks Angela, makes it great to be in double glazing and to have people like Jag working for us, well done Jag!

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