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25 years in Double Glazing

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Wednesday January 8, 2014 at 12:43pm

Another new year is upoun us, welcome 2014.The window industry as you might expect has a quiet start to the new year.Traditionally double glazing reps were in Tenerife in January.Now Thailand seems to be in the vogue destination for double glazing people.

Sadly I'm not one of thoose who goes abroad in January.Instead I prefer to use the month as a reflective and planing period.This normally means implementing all sorts of new and exciting plans.Yes, really even after 25 years of being in Double Glazing my left trouser leg can still get twitchy when it hears the word 'efficency'.

Efficency, is the holy grail of Double glazing, not just in making the product perform more efficently than last year.But more importantly making the business side of Double Glazing more efficent.When I started working in the industry back in 1989 it was a very different place to what it is today.That's hardly surprising as the last 25 years have seen an enorrmous change in technology and also social attitudes.

Efficency back in 1989 meant turning off the lights when you went home and getting the post out in time.Just this afternoon I've come out of a meeting, where we discussed that an email will be sent , to the customer,5 minutes after the windows have left the factory.And allow them then to track the delivery. Twenty five years from now... (sh*t I will be 70 years old then and definetly in Tenerife!) it will probably be a case of having your windows printed on al arge scale 3D printer.

So after 25 years i'm in an specially reflective mood.Its been 19 years since I started this company which I guess is a pretty decent achievement.I'm working on our new website and phone apps.Which should the job of getting prices for double glazing easier and quicker than ever before.I mean to say efficent.

Happy New Year!. ps I also hope to do a weekly blog and alos get the spell checker working

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