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Venetian Blinds Inside UPVC Double Glazing

Double Glazing Venetain BlindsIf your window blinds suffer from the following symptoms

  1. Your Kids not realising that the venetian blinds  are not there for there entertainment.

  2. Dogs who like to bite them when you have visitors coming to the door

  3. The blinds getting really dusty and you can't find 30 mins each month to clean them down

  4. leaving the window open for any length of time makes the blinds  have an anxiety attack and turn themselves inside out.

We have a practical solution to all these problems. We can supply a Venetian blind that is self-contained within the two panes of glass in your double glazed windows. It can be moved up and down and tilted within the unit using a magnetic switch.
Our Venetian blinds come in several colours to complement your conservatory and home. This unique double glazing design helps to prevent your blinds from being damaged by kids or pets.
To find out more about double glazing blinds, please speak to one of our UPVC window experts who will be happy to explain our range.